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Posted by Jeremy Padlock income.

Dec 03, 2014


My BIGGEST Mistake and a sure fire solution for YOU

When I first started working online very many years ago. I started, probably like most people selling stuff on Ebay - I was quite successful too, becoming a powerseller until like most people I ran out of stock or my dropshipper did a U turn.

But as I look back now I made a gut wrenching mistake that many people who are wanting to succeed online are STILL making. I made this mistake for years before I discovered how easy it was to correct.

I can’t imagine how much money I left on the table during those lean years. Ironic because I really needed to make money back then!

I was so busy trying this and trying that I ended up overlooking what would have solved my problem! Live and learn.

If any of these descriptions fit you then you may be making this mistake right now. If you are I will share with you how to fix the mistake in this very article.

Are you …

  • An affiliate marketer ?
  • Involved in MLM or network marketing ?
  • Just starting out and trying to make money online ?
  • Needing to build a real online business to replace your day job ?
  • Out of work and needing to earn a living online rather than find another job ?
  • A product owner who needs to make more sales from the visitors to your site ?
  • A person who owns a blog and gets some traffic but is not making sales ?
  • Confused about online marketing, suffering from information overload and just not sure what to do next or who to trust ?

If you answered yes to any of the items on the list above you owe it to yourself to discover and correct the #1 Internet Marketing mistake.

You can do that free right now, right here …

Let me cut to the chase. No need to beat around the bush.

When it comes to making money online there is one overwhelming truth…

You either have a list of your own or you are at the mercy of those who do!

I know that might sound harsh but it’s true. Having your own mailing list is not optional to online success, it’s mandatory.

Quickly think of three people who you consider to be the most successful people you know of online and I can almost guarantee that they all have large lists of their own.

  • Prospect lists
  • Customer lists
  • Multiple buyers lists
  • JV lists

These lists are quite literally gold online. Their lists make them money. Your list can make you money too. Imagine wanting to promote and not having to worry about how to get traffic! You just send a message to your list!

You must have your own list, and you need it as soon as possible, which is why …


The logic on this simply cannot be denied. Think about it for a moment. If your site is WILDLY successful, it will convert sales at a rate of about 5%. That means that only 5 out of every 100 visitors buys something from the site.

This leads us to the most important question of all.


I can tell you right now what happens to them.

  • They forget you.
  • They get distracted.
  • They want to return to your site but forget your URL so they Google you and find other sites!
  • They spend their money on something else.
  • They buy a product like yours from someone else.
  • Bottom line – they do NOT buy from you.

The fact is this … on the Internet it is the LAST SITE A PERSON VISITS who gets the sale.

This is why we MUST remind them to come back and visit again. WE MUST REMIND THEM, not hope they will return. Now if all of this “lost sales” talk is getting you down let me tell you that you can be of good cheer.

There IS an answer.

The answer is to create an email follow up system.

Email is THE killer application of the Internet. Always has been, and still is today. People can talk until they are blue in the face about alternatives like RSS or desktop readers. But while they are doing that, people everywhere are succeeding using what may be the most low-tech tool online … email.

If you are with me so far, and you think that creating a follow up system might be right for you, read on.

How To Create An Email Follow Up System TODAY!

Here is the five step formula you can use to create a simple follow up system. Using this process will help you create a basic follow up system that WILL increase your sales.


There are many ways to create a more sophisticated system, but this basic process works like wings, and is 100% better than no follow up system! Remember, you do NOT need to be a great writer to do this. Something is much better than nothing. Candidly, I have seen nothing more than “Thank you for visiting -I want your business” work very well

Step 1: Make a list of 10 reasons someone should buy your product.

If you have trouble with this, say it out loud like you were telling your best friend. If you can’t come up with 10 reasons, come up with 5. If you can’t come up with 5, find another product! :-)

Step 2: Make each of the 10 reasons into a short message.

Here’s how to do that.

Write one paragraph of introduction. It can be as simple as “Thank you for visiting my site. I hope this information helps you” Write one paragraph about the reason to buy you are covering. Write one paragraph that summarizes your message, and asks the reader to take a specific action. Please note that being specific is the key. Tell them what to do next. Don’t hope they will figure it out.

IMPORTANT: Write your messages in a text editor like NotePad, not a word processor like Word.

Step 3: Now that you have your messages, you need a way to deliver them and get people to sign up.

Create an account with an autoresponder company or use the autoresponder feature in your shopping cart for this. Any reputable company will help you create a sign up form, and help you get it on your website or blog as well. I have used both of the market leaders - Aweber and GetResponse. Both have their pros and cons. I also suggest that you look at Zukul too..

Step 4: Set your message to go out every two days.

Some argue for other schedules, but this one works and is a good starting point when beginning. You can ‘fine tune’ later.

Another method that works well is to send a message every day for a week and then send messages about twice a week. The logic here is that people are most interested when they first ask for more information, so it makes sense to send more up front.

Step 5: Add a sign up box to every page on your website or blog, inviting visitors to ask for more information.

Why every page and not just the home page?

  • Because it takes time for people to get comfortable enough to want more information.
  • Because they might miss it on the first page.
  • Because repetition works on the Internet, and the more you ask, the more you get!

When you have time later, you can add power to this by offering a gift, or using a “name squeeze” technique, but for now getting started is what counts.

If you have followed the steps above, you now have a basic follow up system that WILL help you make more sales.

As time goes by, you can add more messages, make the messages stronger, analyze which messages work best (and more) to make your series work better.

But hear me when I say that NOTHING you can do is more important than getting this basic system set up today.


I believe the answer is yes!

When you have a follow up system in place, you have the chance to make more sales automatically, and get a greater return on your advertising dollars than ever before. You have a chance to make the most of every visitor, which is called in fancy language “maximizing visitor value”.

Best of all, you make time your ally instead of your enemy, and have the best possible chance of making more sales with less effort.

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