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Posted by Jeremy Padlock income.

Nov 04, 2014
Advertising Banners and How To Use Them

Banners are a great "lazy" method of advertising any number of products online, and they can be VERY effective in driving traffic (or visitors) to a squeeze page or offer.

At Zukul we understand the importance of Banners to such a degree, that we've designed our own Banner Creator. You can get total access to the Zukul Banner Creator within the Intermediate and Advanced packages.

And as usual, Zukul have also created a specific training Module which includes a number of step by step tutorials. These are designed to help you quickly understand how to create Banners, and how to get them working for you fast.

We've included a couple of video's below, so you can see how easy Banners are to implement. Just click on the image and the video will pop out and play:

           Using Media Sites                    Placing Banners On A Blog

We've also included a range of Banners for one of our latest releases - The Social Sniper Pro.

You can download the complete Social Sniper Pro Banner zip file here, or save the below images to your PC.

Click Here To Download The Banner Zip File

A selection of banners: