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Posted by Jeremy Padlock income.

Oct 17, 2014

Social Sniper Is Released To An Unsuspecting Public
The latest Software Tool from Zukul's Development Team has been finally released to the Internet Marketing World. The Social Sniper with it's ability to intergrate so many of the current and most popular Social Media Platforms - has produced outstanding results during testing.

As you can see from this example, the potential for an Afiliate Marketer to be able to send over 11,000 FREE Clicks to a particular offer has "staggering success written all over it".

Easy claims to make, but lets just look at some of the facts and figures based upon VERY conservative marketing averages:
11,323 Clicks sent to a great Landing Page would normally produce 20%-30% optin rates, or about 2,000 - 3,000 new subscribers added to your Sales Funnel !!

BUT, lets be VERY Conservative - and suggest you only receive only 5%-10% This still would provide you with between 566 and 1,132 new subscribers - not bad for free eh !

So How Many of These Subscribers Might be Expected to Make a Purchase ?

Well again using Marketing averages, you could expect 5% of these people to make a "No Risk Purchase" of upto about $20 on the 1st contact. With more taking up the offer after some time and email follow up.

So lets again be VERY conservative and suggest that 2% of these new subscribers purchase our $9.95 Affiliate Product....

This would produce between 11 sales (at the 2% conversion of 566 optins) and 22 sales (at the 2% conversion of 1,132 optins). 
Thats between $109 and $218 pure profit !!

Now remember, this was just 1 test with just a few Social Sites. But if your able to send at least 48 messages out to all 6 Social Media Sites all at the same time... every day... every week... this could become very profitable !!
So How Do You Exploit This New Software Exactly ?

Great question, which was covered during a LIVE HANGOUT earlier this week. In it Darren walks you through how you can profit from other peoples hard work and efforts.

He shows you how to:
  • Find the best selling products.
  • Create amazing Landing Pages using the "Done For You" copy already provided by the product owner.
  • Produce hypnotic adverts / messages - again using the product owners own skills.
  • Profit by up to 100% on any product you sell whilst also building your list of subscribers.