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Posted by Jeremy Padlock income.

Oct 13, 2014

Oh My Giddy Aunt !!

The Future of Social Network Marketing has just changed !!

If you've been hiding in a cave for the past few weeks, then you'll probably be one of the few people NOT to have already heard of the Latest Release from the Zukul Development Team.

The ALL NEW Social Sniper has arrived with a BANG !!

The term "One of a Kind" is very often over used and over hyped by Marketers when they are talking about a product that is new to them - However....

Zukul's new Social Sniper is exactly that - it is a One of a Kind software tool !!

Because there is nothing else on the market at the moment that can do what the Zukul Social Sniper can do.... just check out some of these highlights below:

  • Set Multiple Messages to go out automatically
  • Include different Images for each message
  • Send the messages as often as you decide
  • Send messages out for as long as you decide
  • Link the messages to Blogs, Capture Pages, Offers..... ANYTHING !!
  • Receive 1,000's of FREE visitors... 24-7-365
  • Send multiple messages to 5 of the most popular Social Networking sites
  • .... with so much more to come
​In fact to be honest, there are loads of features that I could fill this page with, but I think you get the point :-)

Checkout this live demonstration by Jeremy Rush, you wont believe the results he's been getting,