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Posted by Jeremy Padlock income.

Sep 01, 2014

Part 4 of Your Series Of Email Swipes - Use 
For Launching Any Business

Emails 13 and onwards are continued at the bottom of this article....

Over the course of the following Blog Post's I'm going to share with you a collection of Emails that I've adapted from my personal Email Swipe File. These emails have been created to help Zukul Members effectively promote their new Zukul Business during Zukul's Launch during September, October and Novemeber.

Launches are a vital time for joining any business - online or offline - particularly from a marketing perspective. It's important that you understand that there is a reletively short window of opportunity available for this particular style of marketing.

However, once you understand it - and use it - it is probably the most effective use of your time during the initial 3-4 months of a Launch.

POINT 1 - People like to hear about "insider or secret" information that will benefit them.
POINT 2 - People want to know they have the best possible position or advantage in joining you NOW !!
POINT 3 - People want to see and hear proof of use of your product or proof of earnings.
POINT 4 - Probably the most effective message you can focus on is......People love Fast Stories.

So with that in mind, you need to create large amounts of Marketing Material; adverts, posts, blogs, video, banners, solo ads.... the list can go on and on....

Then you use the following Email Swipes as a guidline, remembering to adapt them to your own business AND your own personality or experience.

Step 1 - Create your own unique Capture Pages.
Step 2 - Send massive amounts of traffic to these pages.
Step 3 - Set your AutoResponder to send TWO emails EVERYDAY!
Step 4 - Alternatively use a simple spreadsheet to collect email details and manually send AT LEAST 
20 emails during the first 10 days, via your own Email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, etc).

Yes it’s AGGRESSIVE Marketing....

that is how Top Recruiters operate, that is how you will maximize your efforts and earn money in EVERY Opportunity that you embark on.

Be sure you use the correct Email PlaceHolders for your particular AutoResponder. If you choose to adapt Zukul's own Email Sequences, then please remember that the below are the correct placeholders;

Allowed placeholders:

  • %firstName%
  • %lastName%
  • %phone%
  • %email%
  • %address%
  • %city%
  • %state%
  • %zip%
  • %country%
  • %refLink%
  • %skype%
  • %facebook%
Email 13
Subject Line - ZUKUL: Live Webinar tonight 10pm (5pm EST)

[ When the company host a Live Webinar / Hangout - promote the link to your list like this... ]

Hey, whatever you've got planned today, make sure you DON'T miss this Webinar tonight where you can SEE and HEAR from Company Owners and Founders in this incredible business.

Register for today's Live ZUKUL Webinar at 10pm UK GMT (5PM Eastern Daylight Time!)

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If you're a New Subscriber of mine or you want to know more about why EVERYONE is excited about ZUKUL - continue reading below.....

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Here's a few reasons Why I'm So Excited....

1. You do have to do something each day - that is a MUST for a real business.
2. Own full time programmers are on site 24/7
3. Own financial and legal team on site 24/7
4. Massive expanding market place - online marketing is a multi-billion a year industry that is insatiable.
5. Unlimited earnings potential
6. Long term sustainable growth already factored in
7. Real products that sell - including COMPUTERS !!
8. Fast Weekly Payouts using in house ewallet system
9. Great support System that shows you how to actually use your own products AND sell them for more profits.
10. Top Worldwide Leaders are onboard already - ready to capitalise on this huge market
11. Cutting edge software and tools available that are Incredably fast to set up.
12. High converting professional lead capture pages and ready made professionally written email sequences.
13. The worlds best Back office training system - EVER
14. Multiple Ways to earn including a "passive" funnel profit system
15. If you do build a Team (which I highly recommend), then you can earn 50% matching bonuses
16. Life Time earning potential even with a $25 single payment
17. Turn $25 into $100's and $1,000's earnings per week
18. Earn money from the 3 level Deep Affiliate plans
19. Earn money from the 10 level Deep Profit Funnel
20. and it's Free To Join

If you have not done so yet, join here...

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This is MASSIVE Guys - I'm looking for SERIOUS PLAYERS - so hit reply if that is you ? AND I'll work with you ONE ON ONE & Show you Step By Step

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Take action now, get first movers reward. Join now and get in front of the masses that will be coming in over the following months.

You'll be hearing a lot more about this program guaranteed - This is the MOST exciting program I've ever seen.

Add this is no fly by night company or opportunity, this company are set up for long term sustainable growth in a Multi Billion a year industry.

You have everything to gain & nothing to lose (its free to join)

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Anything I can help you with then hit me up anytime - If your a serious player then get in touch with me immediatly

Keep being awesome and Be the best

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Email 14
Subject Line - The Bank Balance Buster...But HOW MUCH?

Hi [[firstname]]

By now, if you have been following my messages (and I hope so), you should know how unique ZUKUL is as a Business.... and that is even before we look at it as a Business Opportunity !!

1.  Use their tools and products to explode your primary income business
2.  Promote Zukul as well and cash in on the BEST COMMISSION PLAN ever created
3.  Follow the step by step tutorials that show you for FREE - how you can achieve both of these Bank Balance Buster ideas
4.  Get paid weekly.... WOW !!

The QUESTION is NOT IF ... But HOW MUCH would YOU like to earn weekly ?

That's right!

Keeping in mind, that the income demands for everyone is different, I can share that in just a few days, I have been able to create an income that will pay me every week....

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Email 15
Subject Line - "Guaranteed" Business Building

Hi [[firstname]]

First of all, let’s just say again when YOU JOIN ZUKUL you are GUARANTEED access to state of the art Income Generating Tools and Training.


But I did mention in an earlier email that for those interested in sharing the amazing opportunity there are HUGE additional revenue streams

You might be thinking, I am challenged when it comes to promoting on-line.


When you JOIN our team you will have access to a CUTTING EDGE ALL-IN-ONE MARKETING SYSTEM with access to the BEST TRAFFIC SOURCES on the internet.

That's right!

ZUKUL will show you how to generate "Traffic / Visitors / Customers" to swamp your offers and join your business.

AND if that still seems to be a bit like hard work, then you can access our "Lead Vendors" - who have a reputation for providing qualified leads and producing the highest of conversion rates.

That’s right again!

You don’t have to rely on family, friends or a "List" to build your business. But believe me, when they see what is happening, they will come running to you.


===>>>   YOUR LINK HERE   <<<===

Keep being awesome and be the best ever !!

Email 16
Subject Line - This Question Catches Everyone Out In The End....

Hi [[firstname]]

With all of the opportunities available online – How can I be sure this is the right one for me ?

In simple terms this opportunity is sky-rocketing and the long term potential is just HUGE. Below are just a few of the more popular reasons leaders want a piece of this FAST !!

# Fixed pricing policy that hides absolutely nothing extra
# $25 one off payment option for people to become a Member and benefit from our famous 3 Level Deep Affiliate Plan
# $50 and $200 monthly packages that provide huge levels of functionality and access to our unique “Passive” Profit Funnel
# No profit grabbing Admin fee's # No scandalous Affiliate fee's
# No withdrawal fee's # No minimum withdrawal limit
# No pressure to upgrade in order to collect your Affiliate Commissions
# Every paying Member can collect commissions on all 3 levels of our Affiliate Plans
# “Passive” Profit Funnel which pays out upto 10 levels high
# True Funnel compression in action on a monthly basis
# Receive 50% Matching Bonus for every personal direct you introduce
# Never lose a Matching Bonus even if your personal direct upgrades before you
# Build your own Brand by providing your own training, product or service within our Platform
# Promote your own training, product or service within our Platform
# Access our Affiliates to sell your training, product or service outside of our Platform
# Profit from both digital and tangible products, such as our exclusive Zukul Computer Range
# Benefit from our in house Legal, Financial and Programming Teams.

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To Learn more about ZUKUL go here to read my blog post updates with video's...

===>>>   YOUR BLOG POST LINK HERE   <<<===

Email 17
Subject Line - You do realise this is Guaranteed Income - Right?

Hi [[firstname]]

That's right...

It seems you may be missing that key point...


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Keep being awesome