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Posted by Jeremy Padlock income.

Sep 01, 2014

Settle Down And Let Me Tell You A Story

This Gentleman was called Victor Serebriakoff, and when he was a boy he was told by a teacher that he was a dunce, a dummy. His teacher told Victor to find a job doing manual labour because hard work at menial jobs was the best he could ever expect. Believing this to be true (and why wouldn’t he ?), Victor set out on his life of hard but honest manual labour jobs.

Some years later Victor joined the Army, and during his time there they gave Victor a series of physical and mental tests - Including an IQ test !!

It was then that Victor Serebriakoff discovered ONE THING that would change his life forever….. he had an IQ of 161.

He was in fact a genius, not a dunce.

This was a major turning point. This totally changed his perspective – he began to think of himself as a genius, not a dunce. How did discovering this one thing change his life?

  • He went from manual labour to being the head of the Mensa Society, a group that requires an IQ of 130 to join
  • He published over 20 books.
  • He developed and updated IQ tests, many of which are in use today.

Suffice to say that when Victor discovered his ONE THING his life changed forever.

So to today’s BIQ QUESTION…..What is YOUR one thing?

In my life there have been many turning points. Too many to recall here that I’d be hard-pressed to count them all. But I can clearly remember my one big thing from a business perspective.

In late 2012 I finally entered 12 messages into an email follow up system,
nd my life changed forever !!!

  • People realised I could provide value to their business life.
  • ‚ÄčPeople responded to my emails with questions.
  • I no longer had to worry about where or when to advertise.
  • I no longer had to worry about “recruiting, sponsoring, selling, team building…..”
  • I could switch a sales tap on at anytime.

I had discovered the power of automated email marketing, of using the Internet to make sales 24 hours a day whether I was working or not. And that discovery set me free. 

Don’t miss understand me – it didn’t happen over night. It took time to master, lots of trial and error….. and It would be some time before my freedom would be fully realized but it did finally arrive in the summer of 2013.

Little did I know on that Autumn day in 2012 I would be starting down a path this wonderful. I truly love what I do and love learning and experimenting even more about automated email marketing. During these months I’ve been able to turn a successful eye to; products, companies and programs and created “almost effortless” (clearly there is work – but I’m not having to work hard) success with them.

All of them have been launched and promoted successfully using an automated follow up email marketing system.

Back to the big question … what is YOUR one thing?

I hope you have one. I hope you have a passion that can become your business. If you do you will experience a joy previously unknown. I believe finding your one thing matters for the following reasons …It increases focus which leads to accomplishment

All I ask is that you attach an email autoresponder to your system asap and start to provide value to your growing team. This alone will help you connect with people and help you to develop your future too.

Until next time,